Worried about the paternity of your unborn child; looking for a risk-free medically safe option? Accurate DNA offers a 100% risk-free prenatal test that can be carried out at just 7 weeks Gestation or 9 weeks. Using only maternal blood samples and paternal swab samples. We can provide you with a result that is 99.9% accurate. Call Us at 1800-991-4596

Non – Invasive Test versus Traditional Invasive Test

Non-Invasive Test Invasive Test
Sample Collection Standard Maternal Blood Sample Amniotic Fluid Extraction from the Womb
Risks No Risk Amniotic Fluid Extraction from the WombDamage to the fetus, leakage of amniotic fluid, miscarriage.
Side effects No side effects
Slight Discomfort
Pain, fevers, chills, cramping
Infection may be caused Procedure may cause excessive pain
Time required 2 minutes for a blood draw. Around 60 minutes.
Who collects samples Nurse, phlebotomist Surgeon

Prenatal Paternity Test

Overview of Testing Package

The non-invasive pregnancy paternity test includes:
• The kit (containing blood collection kit and required forms)
• Mouth swabs for alleged father or Specimen holder for Discrete samples
• The return courier pouch which enables quick and timely arrival of samples
• Laboratory analysis
• The result of your DNA test.

For the price of $900.00 you can have a Prenatal Paternity Test and the results will be ready in just 5-10 working days starting from the instant the samples are received at the laboratory.

What we do

Accurate DNA strives to ensure our Prenatal Paternity Testing service is always 100% confidential, affordable. This service is available for the general public and entities.

Prenatal sample collection centers available in your city or town!!! To find out more:
Call us -1800-991-4596 Contact us as soon as possible to establish paternity and ENJOY a worry-free pregnancy!
Average Test Price is $1550, Now only $900
(payment plan available)
Payment plan option – $500 down payment and receive results

Our testing facilities are world renowned and test more than 300,000 markers plus the standard paternity loci at only 7 weeks Gestation or 9 weeks. Results are available as early as 5-10 business days after receiving the samples.

Pregnancy in itself is a sensitive time, why let the doubt of uncertain paternity overshadow the delight. Accurate DNA offers Prenatal Paternity testing with affordable payment plan options. Everyone is approved.
Call for your free consultation and receive the sample collection kit tomorrow. Call 1800-991-4596

EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3

A) Paternal sample collection
A set of cotton-tipped buccal swabs are enclosed in your sample collection kit, please request extra swabs to test additional potential fathers free, discrete sample options are also available. Collect samples and store in a cool dry place as they are viable for several weeks.

B) Maternal sample
The package contains a blood sample collection kit for the mother with full instructions and a simple blood draw process.

C) Free COURIER sample return
The package contains a pre-paid, pre-labeled courier pak. Enclose all samples and documents inside and drop it off at your nearest shipping center.

D) Results
Results are provided within 5-10 business days of your sample arrival.

Accurate DNA ensures all laboratory procedures for Prenatal Paternity Testing are in accordance with Quality Control and Certified practices.


Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

Non-Invasive testing is a safe, reliable and commonly used method for prenatal paternity testing to ensure paternity with a procedure that is completely risk free to the fetus. Accurate DNA provides definitive prenatal paternity determination using a small amount of maternal blood sample and buccal swabs for the potential father(s).

Accurate DNA’s noninvasive prenatal DNA testing uses cell-free fetal DNA from the plasma of the mother. Circulating cell-free fetal DNA which comprises 3-13% of the cell-free DNA in maternal blood Maternal Venous Blood – safe and non-invasive

Accurate DNA ‘s prenatal paternity testing is conducted on a comparative DNA analysis of the potential father(s), attained by buccal swabs with the DNA of the fetus as demonstrated in fetal DNA material found in the maternal venous blood. The placenta is a wall of tissue that forms inside the uterus during pregnancy and is comprised of fetal cells. The placenta enables the fetus to receive, during gestation, all the nutrients, and oxygen needed for normal development. The fetal side of the placental barrier has an intricate network of thousands of minute blood vessels, which are in fact the fetal blood supply, which receives food and oxygen by diffusion from the maternal side of the placenta.

Research studies demonstrate that the placenta is not just a passive membrane, but serves a vital function in fetal brain development. The placenta synthesizes serotonin and releases it in the fetal blood supply where it travels to the fetal brain. This supply of serotonin is essential for fetal brain development and failure to provide this supply can result in later mental and physical problems in the child. Because the placenta is so important in brain development Accurate DNA strongly recommends the use of its safe and non-invasive maternal venous blood sample, drawn from the mother’s arm and not the use of invasive technologies which may traumatize the placenta.

At no time do the maternal and fetal blood supply mix, and waste from the fetus diffuses through the placenta into the maternal blood supply. Included in this diffusion is fetal DNA, which is a normal component of maternal blood during gestation. Fetal DNA is found in cells that migrate, but the most important source is cell-free molecules of fetal DNA. These are formed during the development of the fetus and placenta because there is a certain amount of cell lysis and apoptosis. It is this naked fetal DNA, once isolated is used for Prenatal paternity testing


Any time after 7 weeks of gestational pregnancy or (9 weeks) your samples can be taken at any location within your city, state or country. Accurate DNA will ensure your samples are collected with ease and will assist with any additional support needed. CALL 1800-991-4596 AND SPEAK TO A SPECIALIST ABOUT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

ACCURATE DNA will supply specialized collection kit to be used for sample collection and returned once maternal and potential paternal samples have been collected.

The plasma portion is rich in fetal DNA, which is stabilized and preserved in our special collection system. This fetal DNA is matched against the paternal DNA and yields a conclusive result. The complete cost of the test is $900.

Due to our extensive volume ACCURATE DNA is able to offer a discount as well as payment plan options suitable for all.

Prenatal Paternity Test

Overview of Testing Package

Paternal DNA Samples
The potential father(s) must provide a sample via buccal swab using the sample collection kit. Samples can also be obtained without one’s knowledge through samples other than buccal swabs.

Please see discrete sample options below.

Discrete Prenatal Paternity Testing

At times a situation may arise where the mother to be may not wish to share the current situation with the potential father(s); in such cases, many other options are available as an excellent source of DNA other than buccal mouth swabs. Please see complete but not limited to list below.

A) Toothbrush
B) Chewing Gum
C) Cigarette butt
D) Saliva
E) Used Tissue
F) Nail clippings
G) Semen
I) Ear wax

The Procedure in details:
DNA samples (buccal swabs or discrete samples) are collected from the presumed biological parents and compared to the fetal DNA obtained from the plasma portion of the small amounts of a venous blood sample from the mother at only 7 weeks of gestation or 9 Weeks. The results of the test will prove:

• The presumed biological parents are indeed the genetic parents of the fetus
• The absence of any surrogate genetic link to the fetus
• The certified official reports provided by Accurate DNA to facilitate birth registration and provide assurances to all parties

To discuss Prenatal Paternity Testing in further detail and receive your kit tomorrow please call 1800-991-4596