I was 25 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy was crazy since the beginning i didn’t know how far along i was so I told both possible fathers. After 2 ultrasounds, I was given the same conception date and we finally did the prenatal DNA test and got the results in a 1 week, it was just a blood draw for me and swabs for both potential dads so I’m not sure why more people don’t do this. This helped put my mind to rest.
Q. J
I wasn’t sure how to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to get a Prenatal DNA test done as finally things between us were calm and making sense. I got the other possible father to test and my results came out negative which was great but I was still a bit skeptical about the test so I decided to get a test after my son was born from a different company and same results!!! thank god
A. B
My wife and I were having a rough patch in our marriage and went our separate ways for a bit, we found out she was pregnant and I wanted to reassure myself that the baby was mine. We did the test before and after birth and thankfully we are building our happy family again
B. S
It’s not as hard as it seems.. we had everything done from start to finish in about 2 weeks. We are now waiting for the birth of our child
J. G
I thought I was the father of my x gf’s unborn child but I had doubts and I did the test and thank god I am not. We doubled checked once the baby was born and still not the daddy!!!
A. C
Apparently I was with someone one night and I have no memory of it. He was spreading rumors that he got me pregnant and not my boyfriend. It took a few extra days for the package to come but once I had it everything else was straight forward.
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